The Optimizer

The Optimizer

Does your face show visible signs of aging? Are wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet getting you down? At Serenity Med Spa & Wellness Centre, we have just the solution you need to help defend your skin against aging: The Optimizer Facial. Each part of this miraculous facial treatment, which involves elastin and collagen, encourages perfect tone and flawless, young-looking skin by lifting and firming your facial contours. This leaves your skin looking ageless, relaxed and beautiful!

What We Offer?

Considered one of the best facials for mature skin age defense treatment, Serenity’s optimizer facial is perfect for all skin types that have a lack of resiliency. This lifting and firming facial uses anti-wrinkle and stimulating techniques to breathe life back into your skin, giving it the young and fresh look you desire.

Our qualified and trained estheticians will conduct this anti-aging facial treatment, also featuring a peel-off mask treatment, in a comfortable and revitalizing environment. The moisturizing content of this facial, coupled with a remarkable range of advanced lifting and firming psychobiological actives, will unleash your skin’s true potential.

Visibly younger-looking skin and reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet is achieved almost immediately after treatment. Clients will also notice their complexion is more radiant and brighter than before. The number of treatments you require will depend on a number of factors, but we recommend multiple optimizer facial treatments if you are looking for long-term results.

If aging signs are causing you problems, Serenity’s optimizer facial is exactly what you need.  It works to rejuvenate the skin, infuse hydration and diminish the appearance of aging signs. The result is that you are instantly left with radiant, brighter and younger-looking skin, making heads turn wherever you go!