Are you tired of stubborn fat? Have exercise and diet regimes proved ineffective to help you lose weight?  At Serenity Med Spa & Wellness Centre, we understand that being overweight brings with it a number of problems. Not only does it affect your social life, but you are also at risk of developing serious medical conditions.

To help you combat excessive fat, we offer CoolSculpting, the only fat-freezing procedure approved by the FDA, that uses controlled cooling to get rid of excessive fat that resists all weight loss efforts through exercise and diet.

What We Offer?

At our centre, a certified medical esthetician will use the CoolSculpting technology to deliver controlled cooling, effectively yet gently targeting fat cells underneath your skin. Once frozen, your body processes the fat cells naturally and eliminates them through the body’s natural elimination process, leaving a leaner and more sculpted you.

Since the cold targets the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin, you experience positive results with no or minimal downtime. Typically, more than two sessions are necessary to help you achieve your unique cosmetic goals, but more might be required depending on your individual condition.

In order to determine the number of sessions you will need to get rid of those stubborn fat areas, our medical team will first conduct a detailed analysis of your physical appearance, where they will examine your body from various different angles. Once the areas the treatment needs to be focused on are identified, they will discuss a holistic approach that would help you reshape your body.